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Building Up Your Freelance Business During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Yuri Frid on Aug 12, 2020 7:45:29 AM

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Building Up Your Freelance Business During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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If you’ve been freelancing for a few years, you’re no stranger to adapting to new circumstances - you’ve probably had to adjust your business strategy on several occasions already. But in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be stressing out about finding new clients.


Worried about how you can continue scaling up your business in a rocky economy? We’ve gathered resources to help you find new clients in unexpected places, promote your business online, and even switch up your products and services for this new era.


Life Coaching

Millions of people are feeling confused about their next steps in life, and you can help them navigate this period of uncertainty.


  • Double down on your email marketing efforts to garner interest from new clients.
  • Optimize your social media strategy to increase your visibility across different platforms.
  • Tailor your coaching sessions to address your clients’ concerns about the coronavirus.


Freelance Writing

It’s time to reach out to brands that need relevant content for their blogs and editors who are accepting pitches on a variety of topics.



Software Development

Software tools that allow teams to work remotely are in high demand. These resources will help you take advantage of this increased interest.


  • Seek out potential new clients on online forums and through your professional network.
  • Find work with companies looking to hire UX designers and other mobile and web professionals.
  • Improve your skills as a salesman to compete in a tougher market.
  • Budget for a home office upgrade to boost your productivity.


Online Tutoring

Parents are trying to balance work with homeschooling their children, and your tutoring sessions can help fill in the gaps.


  • Register for online tutoring platforms where you can easily connect with clients who need your expertise.
  • Prepare for your virtual sessions in advance by designing lesson plans and ensuring that your workspace will be calm and quiet.


Teaching Yoga

Yoga studios are closed for the time being, but you can provide new students with a sense of zen through online classes.


  • Go digital with your practice by creating, marketing, and selling an online yoga course.
  • Lead your students through soothing guided meditations to help ease their stress.


In the age of COVID-19, freelancers and small business owners everywhere are dealing with the stress and fear that economic uncertainty brings. But if you keep an open mind, you can sign contracts with fantastic new clients and market your offerings to meet your customers’ needs.

Yuri Frid

Written by Yuri Frid