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3 min read

A day in the life of a Marketing Manager using Microsoft Planner

Meet Patti, a Marketing Manager who uses Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Copilot to help her hybrid...

4 min read

Advanced Project Planning with Microsoft Planner: Dependencies and Critical Path in Timeline View

One of the top challenges in team initiatives is determining when the work will be completed, ensuring it meets...
1 min read

Microsoft unveils GPT-4o for Azure, new AI apps in fight against Google, Amazon

Microsoft said users will now be able to develop their own copilots — essentially AI-powered programs — using GPT-4o to...

5 min read

Mastering Organization: How to Use Microsoft Planner

Discover how to effectively utilize Microsoft Planner to enhance your organizational skills and boost productivity.


2 min read

top 10 Microsoft Project Management Solutions

Microsoft Project Management Solutions are some of the most popular tools available today to help organizations manage...

1 min read

value stream based financial reporting for industrial automation

Industrial automation is a rapidly growing sector, with increasing demand for more efficient and effective production...

2 min read

Microsoft Power Platform for Project Management Office

Microsoft Power Platform is a low-code platform that enables organizations to build custom business applications...

1 min read

What are the components of Project Management Data?

Project management data refers to the information and data used to manage and control projects. There are several key...

12 min read

Top 5 Project Management Solutions for 2021

In this blog post I would like to review some of the Project Management solutions and we will take a quick look at the...

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