Leveling across multiple resource engagement and multiple projects can be a daunting task. Wouldn't it be great to just press one button and level everything for the perfect resource load balance? We are proud to say that we have made that "easy" button for you with a ton of other features. Free for current Managed Services customers and available for free with limitation (up to 10 engagements) for the public, we are proud to announce the TIG Level Solution.

Features Include:

  • Add New Engagements

  • Update Existing Engagement

  • Drag and Drop Resource to Replace Existing Resource on the Engagement

  • Engagement Heat map

  • Adjustable Timeline

  • What if Scenarios

  • Undo What-If Scenario

  • Search Engagements

  • Filter by Resources

  • Export to Excel

  • Group By Resource then by Project

  • Group by Project then by Resource

  • Real-time Overallocation highlight.

  • Resource Base Auto leveling

  • Project Portfolio base Auto Leveling

  • Search Resources

To app the TIG Level from the SharePoint store, please follow the steps below:

1. From your Project Web App (PWA) click the gear icon.

 2. Select "Add an app."


3.  Select "SharePoint Store."

 4. Search for "TIG Level" and choose the app to download.



Written by MEL